I am beyond humbled and grateful to announce that I am the Resident Choreographer for the West Coast (San Francisco and Los Angeles) productions of the amazing and inspiring Broadway musical “HAMILTON”!
I can’t even tell you what an honor it has been to be part of this history making piece of art for the last
6 weeks with the super talented and beautiful Chicago company in NY.
I have gotten the opportunity to work closely with both them and the NY cast and I have learned an incredible amount of information and insight into this masterful work of art.

The range of emotions that I have been through in the last 6 weeks were absolutely unbelievable…

Inspired. Elevated. Humbled. Confused. Scared. Thrilled.
Stimulated. Informed. Grateful. Terrified. Irrelevant. Inadequate. Powerful. Amazed. Elated. Educated… And sometimes all those feelings in 60 seconds.

I have been in the dance and theater world for over 34 years as a dancer, dance captain, associate choreographer and choreographer and this takes me even further down a road that I have been loving since 1982 when I was 7 years old and first saw “42nd Street” on Broadway.

Endless thanks to:
-Stephanie KayLemons for giving me the best gift I have ever received and for trusting me with this enormously deep and giving piece of art. Watching you work has been truly life-changing and transformative. You are so incredibly detailed, self-less and informative and you are a beautiful teacher, leader, and inspiration.
-Andy Blankenbuehler- thank you, thank you, thank you for entrusting me with your baby and for sending me down this beautiful new road with you.
Jon Rua, Seth Stewart, Rickey Tripp and all my friends from “In the Heights” for telling me about this show about our founding father Alexander Hamilton that was playing downtown last year at the Public Theater.
Michael Balderrama and the Chi cast- thank you for being so warm and welcoming to me during this process…love you all!

After seeing the show 10 times, all I wanted to do was see it as much as possible and now I get to do that 8 times a week! ❤️

I will be leaving New York City to move out to the West Coast at the end of February.
However, I will teach at Broadway Dance Center whenever possible until then…
Hope to see you all in class!

Work and study diligently and consistently and dreams really do come true…



I am so excited to share this clip with all of you!
This was something that was taught in literally five hours and then filmed.
I am so beyond proud of these dancers…
They worked so hard and are so incredibly gifted…
They embody everything I look for in an artist…
—-Humility, great work ethic, beautiful artistry, a sense of self and the ability to make me laugh.

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